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The best Lasagna

Photo by Nugget Market

Rag’u Sauce:
8-10 Plum tomatoes
1 carrot
half onion
1 stick celery
1 pound minced beef
few sprigs of rosemary
2 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar
100ml of red wine
2 cloves of garlic

Roughly chopped onion ,garlic , fry in a large pan with medium heat with a little oil for 20 mins. When they are caramelised , add in minced beef Until the veggies are starting to caramelise , pour in the red wine and turn up the heat to cook it away. Add in tomatoes ,bay leaves, clove, along with water covered and simmer for 1 hour, then season to perfection.

Finely sliced garlic, Put into a large pan with oil with high heat, cook until garlic is lightly golden, stir in spinach and a good grating of nutmeg and cook for 15 mins.

White sauce
50g unsalted butter
50g plain flour
0.5 litre Semi-skimmed milk
30g Ricotta Cheese
30g whatever cheese

Melt the butter in a large pan over medium heat, then stir in the flour to form a paste. Whist in milk, a little at a time, and continue to heat until you have a thick white sauce. Remove from the heat , grate and stir in the cheeses, season to taste and add a grating of nutmeg.

Layers the instant lasagnas with rag’u sauce, spinach, white sauce and cheese for 4 layers in the oven pan and place on very bottom layer of oven with 350°F until bubbly.

You can also freeze the lasagna either baked or unbaked.

  • To freeze an unbaked lasagna: Line the pan with foil before assembling, then assemble the lasagna as directly. Let cool completely, and then freeze until solid. Once frozen, lift the frozen lasagna block from the casserole dish, wrap it in more foil, then freeze for up to a month.
  • To reheat an unbaked frozen lasagna: Remove the lasagna from the freezer and unwrap all the layers of foil. Transfer to the original casserole dish, cover, and let it thaw in the fridge overnight. Once thawed, bake as directed.
  • To freeze baked lasagna: Line the pan with foil before assembling, then assemble and bake as directed. Let it cool completely, then freeze until solid. Once frozen, lift the frozen lasagna block from the casserole dish, wrap it in more foil, then freeze for up to a month.
  • To reheat a baked lasagna: Remove the lasagna from the freezer and unwrap all the layers of foil. Transfer to the original casserole dish, cover, and let it thaw in the fridge overnight. Once thawed, warm the whole casserole (covered with foil) in the oven at 350°F until bubbly again.
  • To freeze and reheat individual slices: Cut the baked and cooled casserole into slices and wrap each slice individually in foil. Combine them in a freezer storage bag and freeze for up to 1 month. Thaw overnight in the fridge. To reheat, unwrap from the foil, place on a microwave-safe dish, and reheat in the microwave for a few minutes until bubbly.

When Should You Start Selling To Your Social Media Following?

Learning from Dan Lok.

Its is not Social Media following  : Its is Social Capital you actually have people like you , know you , trust you and buy your products.

Combine your purpose with profit. Adding Value but never creating offer for followers for years. One day you starting to selling ( People will think that you are an asshole)

Lets look at the other way ( If you only doing offer however without giving value) , you are pushing your followers away.

You want to do a ratio: deposit value, gain offer.If you can not make a profit, you will burnt out. They are making basic living by doing on social media , platform. 

Ignore loser who says” I don’t like you are selling something …”Those who are afraid to be sell, those who hates to sell , they are poor.  In business, nothing happens until you sell something.

You are talking to a small percentage of people who do want to invest in a high level with you.

Value /Value/Value /Offer.

Why People aren’t reading your emails

Learning from Dan Lok

Your subject line is too sales, you want to avoid spam words.
“ 50% off, buy this thing….”

Instead : Make it personal E.g. “ I haven’t heard from you…”

The purpose of the email is not to make a sale within a email : Is to get your prospects clicking. You want to get your email educational , short little message, few lines.  You want to get them curious to get to an outside link so you provide the offer on the outside page.
Add Value , Value, Value: make an offer. 

7 Dangerous words that ruin your life and Success

Learning from Dan Lok 

“I know that” or “I might have heard it before”

The minute you know it, your brain shuts down and you are not learning anything.  And in behind that’s your ego prevent you from learning it. 

If you don’t live it, you don’t know it. Implement and execution are the way to make it that you really know it.

 Instead of saying it : I know that , say “ I use that !”

“I can’t afford it.” 

“ I want to take that vacation, but I can’t afford it.

That’s a poor person mindset.

No creativity required the moment you say these.

Instead of say it “I can’t afford it!” , say “ How can I afford it?” “What do I need to do” “ How can I make it make me money?”

Insights of Keto Answer

Our Trend is going with Fasting and Keto Diet.

Weight loss isn’t the only benefit to keto.The ketones that your liver produces to supply energy to your brain are actually your brain’s preferred energy source, but they’re only released when your body is in ketosis.

Planning ahead sets you up for keto success. Begin by scheduling plenty of time for sleep. This will help you combat fatigue. A keto plan isn’t one-size-fits-all – you can tailor it to meet your specific needs.

Get your carbs from high-quality, nutrient-dense sources like plantains or sweet potatoes.

The good news is, the longer you stay keto-adapted, the less time it takes you to switch in and out of ketosis.

Keto works for everyone, but men and women are likely to see different results.

Combining keto with fasting produces optimal results.Bear in mind that fasting isn’t recommended for children under the age of eighteen, the elderly, or pregnant women.

Insights of Focus


What is in it for me? Focus, focus, focus.
You’ll find out why the best quality for a leader is not the ability to keep their eyes on the prize, but actually self-awareness or empathy.

Attention is the key to high performance in a world of endless distractions.

However, the distractions that engulf us not only threaten to waste our time and reduce our productivity, they also diminish our ability to immerse ourselves in a subject, reducing our chances of reaching a state of flow and thus learning and discovering new things.

So if we can develop our ability to ignore distractions and focus well, we can help to increase our performance, and enable ourselves to have more profound reflections and deeper insights.

Life “on automatic” diminishes our experience of the present moment.

The bottom-up mind, responsible for our automatic and routine mental activity, is very fast, driven by our emotions, and impulsive. In contrast, the top-down mind, in charge of planning, reflection and learning new skills, is slower and requires voluntary attention and self-control.

All types of attention are valuable; open awareness is vital for creative breakthroughs.

This is because allowing our minds to wander provides fertile ground for serendipitous insights.

Great leadership hinges on effectively capturing and directing the attention of a collective.

We’ve all heard tales of bosses who are very critical of employees and seem to enjoy pushing them past their natural limits. This attitude creates a toxic atmosphere as their narrow focus on the “prize” blinds them to how they’re affecting the people around them.Now consider a leader that pays attention to her team, praises their small wins, and often admits that there are tasks that she herself couldn’t perform.

Such a leader has self-awareness – she knows her own limitations and is able to assemble a strong team that will compensate for such gaps. She trusts in the abilities of others and allows them to do their job in their own way.

A great vision is central to any strong business plan, but bringing such a vision to reality requires a brilliant leader who is able to communicate it clearly to others and convince them it’s a worthwhile cause.

Inspiring leaders look beyond their own comfort and are motivated to help other people to become successful.

This is a classic case of what can happen when a leader can’t see how their actions affect others and what kind of reactions they generate. To be able to anticipate how others react to your actions, you need to first understand how they see you and this demands self-awareness on your part.

Successful leaders are aware of the larger context in which they operate.
To avoid being blindsided by the competition, leaders should devote much of their attention to exploring new opportunities for development

Meditation will help you focus on one thing and keep track of your attention span.

The key to training your attention is being able to maintain an awareness of your own mental processes – like noticing when your mind starts to drift away from the object of focus. This is called meta-awareness.
The main thing is that you’re aware of the wandering and that you refocus your attention onto your breath and keep it there.

As with practicing meta-awareness, meditation helps us to recognize when our minds begin to wander and strengthens our ability to focus on what’s important.
In these moments, practicing meta-awareness enables you to notice that you’re anxious and to take certain steps to calm yourself down – for example, taking a slow, deep breath – before continuing with the test.

Think happy thoughts: positive thinking is vital for sustaining motivation and achieving goals.

Another reason for the positive effect of a good mood is that our focus shapes our reality and this has important consequences for the way we handle big challenges.

Feeling positive opens our minds to experiencing new things and meeting new people. If you’ve ever thought about moving to a different city or country you’ll know that it’s a scary step to take. But a positive person who has a cheerful disposition will view it as an adventure full of exciting possibilities, as positive thinking enables that person to focus on the new experiences that being in a new city presents and thus to actually embrace the inevitable changes and deal better with setbacks.

Insights from Awaken the Giant Within -Tony Robbin

Make new habits by associating unwanted ones with pain and desired ones with pleasure.

Once you make yourself aware of this dynamic, you can begin to use it to your advantage. So, if you want to break a particular habit, an effective method for doing so is to associate that behavior with pain.It’s crucial that you find a new, more desirable habit that gives you an equal amount of pleasure to the old one. This could be a healthier treat, such as your favorite fruit, or an activity, like a new sport.

To change who you are, change your beliefs.

A belief is an idea that’s supported by evidence. You might, for example, have the idea that you’re an excellent chess player. But that idea will become a belief only if it’s supported by certain evidence, for example, you win the majority of the time.

But we don’t have to think that way: if we manage to interpret the reference more positively, we can direct our lives in a more optimistic way. So, if you’re grieving, you could use that experience as a resource to make you stronger as a person. Perhaps you’ll even emerge from the grieving period with a strong desire to help others in mourning.As this suggests, to bring about a change in your life, you must first change your beliefs. To change an existing belief, you need to associate pain with the old one and pleasure with the new.

Changing your vocabulary can transform your attitudes and emotions.

It’s therefore crucial that you pay close attention to the words you use in your daily life, as they will shape your thinking and perception.To think differently about a situation, you need to describe it differently.

The secret is to use strong words for positive emotions and less intense words for negative ones. For example, instead of saying that you’re “happy,” you could use the stronger description, “totally blissed.” Or, if you’re on the verge of experiencing intense negative emotions, you should describe your experience with words and phrases that are less intense, such as “I’m a little concerned” instead of “I’m extremely anxious.”

Discover your own life values to find out if you’re living up to your full potential.

If you don’t feel fulfilled in your life but don’t know exactly why that is, it could be that you’re not living in accordance with your beliefs.

If you can’t decide, the reason is that you’re uncertain of your values. In this particular case, to make a decision that will bring you happiness you first need to find out whether personal growth is more important to you than financial security.

The solution here is to change your values. You could decide that, from now on, you should prioritize your health over your passion. By putting health first you will be able to be passionate without the drawbacks.

Come up with life rules that make you happy, and tell others about them.

Therefore, it’s important to establish life rules that you can control. It’s crucial that you communicate your rules and ensure that others know what’s important to you. Because many of our rules are dependent on other people’s actions, we’re likely to get frustrated or upset when those people act in a way that doesn’t fit with our rules. In fact, if you’re upset with someone, that’s because that person is unconsciously challenging your rules.

By understanding what’s behind your emotions, you can gain control over them.

All emotions can help you to enact positive change in your life, as they indicate that something’s not quite right, prompting you to examine them to find the true cause of your difficulties. Only by identifying that cause can you begin to change.

Understanding the cause of a particular emotion is just the first step. The next step is a bigger challenge: you have to take action to deal with the emotion and change whatever it is that’s causing it.

Contribute to society to discover what you can accomplish as an individual.

Imagine you’re at the grocery store and you notice a fellow shopper who appears sad. Instead of minding your own business, you could pay him a genuine compliment. Perhaps you could tell him that you admire him for choosing to buy free range eggs. And perhaps if you go through the world smiling at the people you meet, there’s a chance that you’ll lift their mood, which they can then share with others as well!

Black Rice Pudding with Mango

Today I was organising the kitchen and then I found that 5 lbs Black rice staring at me in the shelf.
I need to do something about it in order to clear my stock.
Therefore I made Black Rice Pudding with my instant pot. My two-year toddler likes it.

Nutrition Side of this desert :
Black rice is a good source of protein, fat, and iron, it contains high levels of the antioxidant anthocyanin. Studies shown that black rice helps decreases dangerous atherosclerotic plaque formation in the arteries. This is very important for keeping arteries clear and preventing heart attacks and stroke.
Orange fruits and vegetables, such as mangoes, contain beta-carotene. They also suggest that it can boost the action of the immune system against disease.


1 Cup Black Glutinous Rice
1 3/4 Cups Water
Pinch of salt
1/3 Cup Maple syrup/Brown Sugar
1 can Aroy-D Coconut Milk

1. After clean and drain the black rice, Mix all ingredients together into the instant pot.
2. Put on regular brown rice setting and stir it occasionally.
3. After done, it can be served hot or cold.

My Proven 5-step method to break any old habit

A lot of people are struggling with different types of old habits:

Supporting you with lots of love here, I understand how hard it feels to quit old habits like smoking , eating disorder, drinking problem…..
Most likely, all your friends and family members never really seem to understand what you feel and are very judgemental. They unsuccessfully try to talk you through, changing those habits,

Over past decades I suffered with different bad habits, the longest one lasted for more than 20 years

You’ll be able to break through your old habits, only if your true self is ready. 

I remember back when I was 9 years old, I was laying on my bed, face down, my legs and my chest flat on the mattress, and I started to pull my first hair.

I struggled for 20 years with this hair-pulling disorder. Especially when facing stressful periods of my life like exams, arguments, work etc. I tried some methods that my friends/ my family suggested like squeezing a soft ball ,pulling doll hair…however those methods were inefficient,I was praying hoping that this habit will go away.

When I realized I was ready to quit this habit

I had an opportunity to work on this issue with therapist who kindly offered her help out of friendship since she had helped somebody with this. I remember thinking then “if she helped someone when the same issue, then it can be fixed” and I started browsing solutions on google.

Trichotillomania, a mental disorder that involves recurrent, irresistible urges to pull out hair from your scalp, eyebrows or other areas of your body, despite trying to stop.

I went through different clinic’s website. They suggested a bunch of exercises that weren’t working for me.

Until one day, an article caught my attention. It was written by a blogger struggling with the same habit. She had tried different methods, some of which turned out to be working for her and so I started implementing some of these technics.

Today I am proud to announce that I successfully healed from this mental disorder and I want to share with you the 5 steps system that can help you break free from your bad habits and become the confident person you deserve to be.

Most of these habits started from an emotional pain. In order to fix them, you first have to analyse what triggered it:

1. Identify the triggers (must do)
You must be able to identify this : When ,Where, How , the more clear the better the results.

When do you usually do this?
Where is the place that you do it the most? ( It could be on the bed, Bathroom…)
How do you usually do it? Picture yourself: which hand ? Which fingers are you using? What is your posture. How do you hold that glass of wine? How do you hold that cigarette ? How do you pull off your hair?

2. Look into the mirror with a deep visualisation and remember it (must)
Spend a good amount of time facing the mirror until you have this clarity, visualise your new appearance 1 year from now after quitting the habit as a complete healthy person.
How will you look like after you got rid of this habit? How will your hair look like? How will your skin tone like? How will your teeth look like?
Every time you want to pull hair, recall your healthy beautiful appearance …

This is the most effective step amongst all , every time I have an urge.

3. Break the pattern (pretty effective right after your visualisation )

You need to understand that they are two type of pleasures. Our brain is constructed in such way that its main priority is survival. In order for us to survive, our brain steers us towards two path:
Avoiding shot-term pain -> chasing short-term pleasure:

If you are aiming to solve your problem, you are looking for a long term satisfaction. Unfortunately for you, the brain has this tendency of influencing towards you reptilian thinking The reason that makes it so hard to quit is some kind of pleasure is formed within the habit. However if you realise that habit actually cos you pain or inconvenient instantly. That can rewrite the way you think about that habit.

Lets say you have a hair-pulling disorder, you could put extra lotion on your hand and then try to pull your hair.

I still remembered I had 1-2 year of smoking habit but I was blessed at that time that I developed ear allergy problem related to smoking, every afternoon I wanted to scratch my ears off so badly and later on I search on internet and notice this itchness related to smoking, so very quickly I could quit smoking without much effort because smoking causes real pain instantly.

If you have a drinking habit try adding tones of salt in a super diluted alcohol aiming at making it so disgusting salty to rewire your brain that alcohol tastes disgusting.


4. Draw a monthly Calendar on 1 single piece of paper on the spot that triggers your habit . ( must)
Every time you want to do this again you will see the calendar right next to it reminding yourself. You put a star when the day you did’t do it. By the end of calendar reward yourself with something. Do it at least 2 rounds of the paper ( which costs at most two months.

5. Build a new good habit that gives you a sense of relaxation. ( not a must but its helpful for a new form of pleasure in general )

It could be a form of exercise. Like Running, Cycling, jogging, Boxing… Any type of exercise that you could build up the habits. Through these exercises you achieve a prolonged relaxation in a long term. Like any kind of Good/ or bad habits ,to develop it , you start from small.

Make it easily achievable in the beginning. Take running as an example
I was starting from 5mph ( which is a super slow speed fo Jogging), you will be able to set up a progress through weeks and months.

A simple Breakfast recipe

Create your Oatmeal 

Base Choice 
Old Fashioned Oatmeal / Swiss Granola

Hot water or
Any Milk Choice
: Whole /skim
Soy /Almond / Coconut/ Oat/ Walnut/ Hazelnut/ Cashew/Yogurt

Almond Slices
Chia Seed

3 Strawberrys into Slices
Half sliced Banana

Maple syrup/Peanut Butter /Nutella/ Honey

Serves on Breakfast Bowl